Better Understanding Of Plantar Fasciitis

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Understanding Plantar Fasciitis in today’s busy world full of too much information. Foot pain can be caused by many different things. Falls, sports injuries, bad shoes, improper training methods, over utilization and even under utilization. All of these can contribute to the painful condition known as plantar fasciitis. Runners usually are the victims and over utilization is the primary cause.Good news is that with proper fitting running shoes many can be helped dramatically.Something as simple as changing running shoes can stop plantar fasciitis pain dead in its’ tracks.The advice of a running shoe store salesman is valuable. You run because you like it or maybe even need it. Taking the cheaper way out does not always add up wisely.

The tissue on the bottom of your foot gets tight. This tends to happen when the calf muscles pull on your heel. The tissue is thin and loaded with nerves that let you know there is a serious problem. Advil or Aleve may not do the trick here. Pain that won’t go away should not be ignored especially if you want to run without pain. Here is another wild idea get some rest between runs. Your body can do better with adequate rest. Give your feet a break every now and then.

Did you ever wonder who gets plantar fasciitis? It is not just runners anymore. Many athletes get it.An imbalance in the lower extremity usually is the cause.Then when your body can no longer take it the foot flairs up and your troubles begin. Where do you turn to when the pain gets in your way and prevents you from being as active as you would like to be?

How about a chiropractor? Yes, a doctor of chiropractic for a foot issue? No, I am not crazy but I am a chiropractor. I have written a book on Plantar Fasciitis. The book is called “Give Plantar Fasciitis the 1-2 Punch”. For years I was quietly treating plantar fasciitis cases and getting great results. Then my patients started telling their doctors about my results and the phone calls and inquiries started flying in. They wanted to know what a chiropractor could be doing for plantar fasciitis.I told them to read my book. Some actually took the time and were pleased with what they learned. These enlightened few would start sending their patients to me. The patients got results and I got to learn more ways to eliminate plantar fasciitis.

In a rather short time I was getting so darn busy I had to move my office to a bigger location to handle the increased number of patients who wanted to see me. I work the soft tissue and the bones bringing about a balance that makes the body work more efficiently. That is the big secret. I always say to incoming patients that if we don’t get results in a reasonable time frame that they are in the wrong doctors office. Then we decide what doctor they need to see to get favorable results. I am realistic in that I can not help every patient. By having the patients’ best interest in mind will help us all get better results.

There are somethings you can do at home to lessen the chance of getting plantar fasciitis. You can begin by stretching before and after a run. This just makes sense. There is no excuse for not properly stretching. If you enjoy running then put the time in to make running more enjoyable. All you have to do is go on Youtube and look up running stretches. Watch and learn, then do.

Foam rollers are the rage. You can find them at Walmart and Target and you can Youtube the stretches you would do on the foam roller. It is actually fun and good for you. Get in on the fun start rolling and stretching at the same time. If you want to focus on the foot you can find a golf ball and roll your foot over it while watching TV. I am giving you easy things to do first. Give them a solid try and see if you feel better. You will need to give these suggestions a solid 3-4 week try before you quit them. Realize they do not take much time at all.

When you get plantar fasciitis you will find a wealth of information on the web. Soem of the advice will be good and some will be worthless. Only through trial and error will you learn which of those will be helpful.