The Importance Of Disciplinary Complaint Legal Representation

Being represented by a fitness to practice defence solicitor during GMC proceedings is of paramount importance. The administrative and legal processes will be too complex to navigate on your own, which could potentially have a negative impact on your career in the future (see link).

Common Reasons for GMC Investigations

Patients, co-workers and employers can submit a complaint to the GMC.

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Medical Legal Point of View


The LLM (Legal Aspects of Medical Practice) aims to provide a sound knowledge of the legal rules applicable to, and the issues surrounding, the practice and administration of health care, as further changes make a deeper understanding of the field ever more significant. Sourced From:

Not every medical practitioner around works in accordance with the law, even our most trusted physicians may be rogue and we carry on believing in them just because they help us with any professional medical attention we need.

If someone dies as a result of the illegal practice of medicine, more serious charges, such as manslaughter, can apply. Sourced From:

And sometimes ignoring the risks of not talking to your doctor can outweigh the few moments of discomfort you may feel in raising sensitive health concerns. Sourced From:

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Choosing The Best Brain Injury Solicitors

Has Has the insurance company failed to offer the right amount of compensation for the injury? Are the medical expenses too high to cover on your own? Well, if the case proceeds to court, you need to find the best brain injury solicitors for professional help.

Work-related accidents can cause critical brain injuries to employees. As a result, the victim requires prolonged treatment that might exponentially increase the medical expenses.

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