The Mental Illness Checklist: The Early Signs Of Mental Illness Onset

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When people hear the word mental illness, the word crazy often comes to their mind. Due to the lack of awareness, people think that mental illness is not normal. In some cases, it is even viewed negatively. It is important to realize that its not the patients fault that they are suffering from mental illnesses. It is also not their fault that the common perception of someone who is mentally ill is that way. Instead of pointing fingers, the more important thing to do now is to understand what mental illness means and how to tell if someone is suffering from it so you can extend help accordingly.

Here are the signs that someone might be suffering from a mental illness:

  1. Drastic personality change for no reason. A change in personality when caused by major life events like the death of a love one is not a cause for concern. But drastic changes that occur for no reason could be a sign of mental illness.
  2. Withdrawal and self-isolation. Isolation is one of the more common signs of mental health illness. It’s often mistaken as introversion due to some characteristics shared with the former. A way to discern this better is to take into account the persons personality before the withdrawal. Someone showing flaky behavior as a means to isolate himself can be a candidate for the illness.
  3. Lack of self-care. Lack of self-care is often perceived as laziness. But it is actually a symptom of mental illness. A mentally ill person will find the easy tasks to be taxing and will abandon them altogether. Self-care is usually the first to be ignored when someone is experiencing the onset of a mental health issue.
  4. Substance abuse and risky behavior. Mentally ill people tend to lose their capacity to care about their well-being. Besides lack of self-care, this can manifest through substance abuse and risky behavior.
  5. Intense feeling of hopelessness. People suffering from mental illness are easily overwhelmed. This feeling manifests itself through their lack of motivation. Normal tasks like going to the grocery store or paying bills can make them so anxious that they give up on them altogether.
  6. Tiredness and low energy. One of the often missed symptoms of mental illness is significant tiredness and lack of energy. This shouldnt be confused with normal tiredness after a full day of physical and mental exertion. It is the tiredness that is felt even when someone did nothing which is a cause for concern.
  7. Excessive anger. Anger is a normal reaction. Excessive anger, especially when persistent, is a sign that someone might have mental health issues.
  8. Inability to concentrate. This is another symptom that is often ignored by people. Usually, when someone has the inability to concentrate, he is thought of as dim or lazy. While it can be true for some cases, there are instances when it’s a sign of mental illness. When someone is unable to concentrate due to anxiety, he might be going through a mental health issue.
  9. Mental illness does not manifest itself in exaggerated forms like portrayed in movies. Its usually an onset of persistent behaviors uncharacteristic of a person. Hopefully, these signs will help you notice when someone you love is suffering from a mental illness. It can help you assist them in seeking the help they need.

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