Appreciating Some Onnit Alpha Brain Side Effects

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Alpha Brain by Onnit Labs is by far one of the most popular cognitive enhancement supplements currently in the market. The supplement is usually touted to improve mental clarity, overall concentration, mood and memory. This gives the user that additional boost of motivation needed so as to effectively tackle the day.

It is important to note from the onset that a product cannot be categorized as nootropic unless it is neuroprotective and very low in toxicity. Alpha Brain is also quite safe since it doesnt contain any caffeine which is technically not considered nootropic because it can cause negative effects such as increase in body temperature, excessive perspiration as well as heart palpitations. Even though the ingredients of Alpha brain can be broadly defined as being safe for use by most people, there is a very slight possibility of onnit alpha brain side effects.

There are those people who have reported a small sensation of pressure in their heads while others have reported headaches. This may be due to the expected boost in Acetylcholine production. People who have a persistent headache after using Alpha brain are normally advised to stop using the product immediately.

It is also worth noting that the very nature of nootropics makes them more effective on people who have relatively poor dietary plans or not enough sleep and rest. In this regard, people who get adequate sleep and have a balanced diet will not experience as much positive effect, this may at times be misconstrued as ineffectiveness.

In the nootropics community, one of the biggest complaints lodged against Alpha Brain is its lack of any Racetams. For the uninitiated, Racetams are very popular with people who are keen on short term memory boosts, improvement in their focus levels as well as heightened cognitive functions. It is possible though to stack Alpha Brain so as to experience the full range of benefits offered by nootropics.

Further to the above, studies in Alpha Brain primary ingredients such as Huperzine A have not in any way demonstrated any negative effects in dosages of 400mcg in studies four to six weeks long. The other ingredients also have a positive safety profile combined with many years of traditional use. As a general rule though, it is always recommended that one takes some time off any nutrient based supplement plan. The manufacturers do recommend at least two days per week or one week per month without taking the supplement as a safety measure. It is also worth noting that the supplement is not intended to cure or treat any condition or ailment and if by any chance one is taking a prescription for brain condition then one should consult his or her doctor before using Alpha Brain. Following all the above will ensure you experience minimal if any side effects with the supplement.