Hair Growth And Vitamins – Combination That Lasts

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No matter where you live, or which year it is, sound hair is what we eternally seek. Unfortunately though, it has become quite common for people to lose their precious hair at a young age.

According to an article published by the American Hair Loss Association, a majority of men start losing their hair by the time they are thirty. Furthermore, almost eighty five percent of them have “significantly thinner hair” by the time they reach the age of fifty.

So, what vitamins are good for hair growth? To start off, there are several vitamins which are great for reducing hair loss and initiating hair growth. Let us take a look through some of them.

Different types of Vitamin – B

B Vitamins are great nutrients to trigger the hair growth in an adult. The best part of this vitamin is that almost the entire range of it contributes to the cause. Whether it is the Vitamin B-1, B-9, or B-12, all offer something to the hair. The whole Vitamin B-complex is known for assisting the growth of cells in your body, which in turn helps in better growth of hair as well as certain healing prospects. Some of the very common signs of Vitamin-B deficiency are slow hair growth, weak hair, etc.

In addition to the food that contains Vitamin- B, there are also certain products for your hair that constitute this vitamin to assist in healthier hair.

Vitamin C protects your hair

This vitamin is one of the most commonly used vitamins of all. It is normally found in citrus fruits like oranges. In addition to the fact that it is great for your immune system, Vitamin C is also one of the best vitamins to strengthen your hair and allow  healthier growth. What it basically does is that it helps good amounts of collagen – the most vital protein for healthier hair – to be produced in your body. Deficiency of Vitamin C can lead to thinner, brittle hair that eventually falls off. This is why it is important to maintain sufficient levels of Vitamin C in your body.

Rise with Vitamin D

Vitamin D is also called the ‘sunshine’ vitamin, since sun is one if its key sources. According to a recent study, over eighty five percent of people were found lacking this immensely important nutrient. Vitamin D helps the skin to produce essential nourishment which leads to a healthier growth of hair.

Another important Vitamin

In the line of important vitamins for hair growth, Vitamin A does not fall behind. The key factor why this vitamin is important for better hair growth is because it helps your body in the production of sebum over the scalp. Sebum is basically a type of natural oil that keeps the hair pores moist and saves hair from breaking. Though sufficient amount of Vitamin A assists in stronger hair, excess of this vitamin can lead to possible hair fall.

It is certainly true that vitamins are good for hair growth. However, knowing how and when to take them is also very important.